Ever since I read The Alchemist, I believed that when you want something with all your heart, the entire universe conspires in helping you to achieve it. One of my great dreams is to combine my love of travel with photography, so here’s a list of places where I’d love to photograph a wedding, in no particular order. I hope that in uttering them out loud, they will one day become reality.

– Paris. Enough said :)

– on a beach (anywhere!), at sunset this one happened on Samothraki island!

– Nova Scotia, on the coast, maybe Cape Breton?

– Gros Morne National Park, Newfoundland

– A vineyard wedding, in France

– An elopement (how sweet would that be? …ok this isn’t a place, but an elopement to somewhere wonderful and quiet would be amazing) – this happened! :) 

– A backyard wedding, lovingly handmade with DIY details – Kelly & Mike :)

– Somewhere in the south of France: the colours, the sun, the hilltop villages, oh my!

– The Highlands of Scotland, or an island (like Isle of Skye)

– a Caribbean island – St Kitts & Nevis happened! 

– Havana, Cuba: the colours, the architecture, the people

– A proposal-session (this one is for the extra thoughtful guys out there!)

– Iceland – the hauntingly beautiful landscape – I haven’t photographed a wedding here yet, but I was fortunate to have visited four times now, and to have taken wedding portraits for Sigga & Óli and Selma & Andri, as well as photographing an anniversary portrait session for Gita & Matt, and engagement session for Kayla & Nate

– A little island somewhere in Italy, like Lipari

– Bali, Indonesia

– Venice, Italy: there is simply no other city on earth like Venice – Photographed a honeymoon session here!

– Costa Rica this happened!

– Seville, Spain

– The Boston Public Library (not all libraries are built equally either…)

– Banff or Jasper National Park

– Old Town Dubrovnik, Croatia

– Lake District, England

Updates to the list:

– Somewhere on top of a mountain

– the Channel Islands (because I read this & this) – Photographed Helen & Tom in August, 2015!!

–  Saba (a tiny little island close to St Maarten; it’s beautiful and it’s awesome in so many ways)

– Somewhere in South America (Like Patagonia?!)

– A Greek island – Jo & Dan in Sept, 2015!

– Tuscany, Italy – Laura & Johannes in August, 2015!

– New Zealand (anywhere really, but especially on the South Island)

– Guilin or Yunnan, China (the karst landscape of Yuangshuo, Guilin is breathtaking and Yunnan is one of the most beautiful places in China)

If you or anyone you know is planning on getting married and can help me check off one of these dreams from my list, please do get in touch! :)

Note: Ok, I see a theme here: I’m definitely attracted to nature with amazing landscape, architecture, and history.