Janice Yi // Documentary Toronto Wedding Photographer

Hello & welcome! My name is Janice and I’m a Toronto wedding photographer. I love to travel, so I love destination weddings as well!

I shoot from the heart. Through the lens, I see tenderness, romance and humour. But I also look for the ordinary moments that are authenticcompelling, and emotional. As a result, I create photographs that are intimate, genuine and at times, funny and silly. If I had to put words to my style, it would be documentary wedding photography mixed with fine art and editorial flair. “Documentary” means I would be documenting your day as it unfolds, unobtrusively, with a simple & relaxed approach. “Fine art” means documenting those moments in an artful way, and portraits that beautifully capture your love and connections in a natural way.

My Philosophy

You spend months planning your wedding. On the big day, you hope that everything comes together. I believe that each of us is beautiful in our own way, and I believe that we are at our most beautiful when we are happy. The gorgeous outfits, the makeup, the accessories, the shoes, the details and decor, they will all help create an enhanced version of your day. But at the core of it, what matters the most is two people who love each other committing to forever with that one amazing person, and sharing this day with some of the most important people in your life. So when it’s all said and done, when you leave the venue for the evening (probably never to return again), when the flowers have wilted, and when the dress is put away, your wedding photos will bring back intimate & warm memories of one of the most special days of your life. Because of this, I truly believe that you should work with a photographer who not only understands you, and whose approach & style you understand and love, but whom you can trust to tell the story of your day. Someone whom you can trust to let your guard down a little, and be at your most authentic, truest self.

Weddings are magical. They’re also hilarious, stressful (always), and chaotic (sometimes). My passion is to capture these real moments, big and small, genuine and heartfelt. Those moments form the beautiful and personal story of your wedding day. I hope when you look back at your photos, you will not only be brought back to the moments of that joyful day, but also be reminded of how it felt, both for you and for those who were present that day.

You can read more about me here, and feel free to browse my portfolio, my featured work, and my latest work.

The people I meet, and the stories I get to tell. That’s what it’s all about for me, and I would be honoured to tell yours.



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