Strength, bravery, and spirit. And family. That’s what this session was about, and I’m so honoured to have been able to document it for Emily and her family, as part of a charitable initiative for Smiling Eyes.

I also wanted to share what Emily’s mom Megan wrote for me afterwards:

“Our family was celebrating an unusual milestone in our photo session with Janice, and she handled it with grace and professionalism. It was the one-year anniversary of our three-year-old daughter’s leukemia diagnosis, and we wanted to document the occasion in honour of her strength, bravery and spirit. We were referred to Janice by Smiling Eyes, a charitable organization that offers professional photo sessions to families affected by childhood cancer. We were unsure about the whole process, but she immediately put us at ease. She was warm and sensitive to our situation while demonstrating her obvious experience and expertise. Most important, the photos that came out of our session are extraordinary. We are thrilled with the keepsake we now have of this moment in our lives. Janice captured the joy and spark in both of our girls. That was our hope in this venture, and we’re grateful to Janice for this gift.”

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