Bliss and Seb’s Toronto Island wedding at the RCYC took place on a beautiful summer day. The RCYC is definitely one of my favourite venues in Toronto. It’s technically in Toronto, and yet being on Toronto island makes it feel like it’s not even part of the city. Not to mention the amazing view of the Toronto skyline from the front lawn.

Bliss and Seb met through Bliss’ older brother, and even though on the outside, they seem like completely different people, they seem to fit so well together. People often say that a wedding is not just the joining of two individuals, but also of two families. This couldn’t be more true for Bliss and Seb’s wedding, as Bliss is of Guyanese background and Seb is Greek. I feel so honoured to be able to document so many multi-cultural weddings as a wedding photographer in Canada!

Thanks Bliss & Seb for having me document your heartwarming wedding day! Here’s the story of their big day.

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