Of the cities that we visited in Australia, Melbourne was definitely our favourite. It was bigger than Brisbane, but smaller than Sydney. It was just the right size really. It has history and really old Victorian houses, hip neighbourhoods, and a very artsy vibe with a youthful energy that was hard not to like. A little sad that we only had two nights there before we continued on a short road trip for the Great Ocean Road.

The Great Ocean Road drive was beautiful. It reminded me a lot of California! So if you like ocean coastal drives, don’t miss this one. One of our favourite experience from this leg was going to Philip Island off the coast to see these little fairy penguins come back from the ocean to their little caves. I don’t have any photos to share because it was very dark when this took place and you are not supposed to use flash photography so as not to traumatize the little guys.

Besides stunning scenery, you’ll also find a few koala bears in the wild if you pay close attention!

Here are some of my favourite travel photography from Melbourne and the Great Ocean Road.

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