Little Maya: she was so teeny tiny when I met her. There’s something really calming for me when I photograph a newborn/baby session. I don’t know what it is, maybe it’s the fact that they are pretty oblivious to what’s going on. Or maybe it’s just that I feel like time slows down a little for me when I spend a couple of hours with these little ones. As much as I love weddings, they can be quite hectic. Baby sessions on the other hand, are usually quite the opposite. They give me a chance to quietly go about my work. Though I guess I’m not the parents with a crying baby ;) And having gone through the requisite late nights and all-nighters in college, I know very well what sleep deprivation can do to someone. To be honest, that part of parenthood (at least early parenthood) is something I look forward to the least. In the meantime, I will remain the doting photographer. :)

toronto-baby-photography-janice-yi-photography-1 toronto-lifestyle-baby-photography-janice-yi-photography-2 toronto-baby-photography-janice-yi-photography-4 natural-baby-photography-toronto-janice-yi-photography toronto-baby-photography-janice-yi-photography-6 janice-yi-photography-lifestyle-baby-photography-toronto lifestyle-baby-photography-toronto-janice-yi-photography unposed-baby-photography-toronto toronto-baby-photography-janice-yi-photography-12

This below is Boomer! He’s got such personality! Too bad my photos couldn’t quite capture that. Every time I pointed the camera at him, he’d pose.

He was absolutely posing in the below photo.

toronto-baby-photography-janice-yi-photography-13 newborn-baby-photography-toronto candid-newborn-photography-toronto toronto-baby-photography-janice-yi-photography-18 toronto-baby-photography-janice-yi-photography-20 toronto-baby-photography-janice-yi-photography-21 toronto-baby-photography-janice-yi-photography-23 lifestyle-baby-photography-toronto-baby-photographer toronto-baby-photography-janice-yi-photography-26 outdoor-toronto-baby-photography baby-maya-lifestyle-newborn-session-janice-yi-photography

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January 28, 2014
so beautiful, janice! yep, i am not looking forward to another stage of sleep deprivation...
    Janice Yi
    January 29, 2014
    Thanks Jenn! :) I've heard that you learn to take any small opportunity to get some sleep!
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