Selma & Andri’s Icelandic anniversary session was featured on Mountainside Bride!

Even though I didn’t photograph Selma and Andri’s wedding (they got married last September), I did get to take some additional wedding portraits for them around Skorradalur and Lake Skorradalsvatn in Iceland, just an hour north of Reykjavik. This almost didn’t happen because of my schedule but when I got Selma’s email, I knew I had to make it happen. And I’m so very glad that I did.

We met early in the morning and drove north from Reykjavik to Skorradalur where both of their parents have summer houses. I love the story of how they met.

Both of their fathers work in the baking industry and had actually known each other, but Selma and Andri never met; Both of their families had summer houses on opposite sides of Lake Skorradalsvatn, and they never met. It wasn’t until their undergraduate years in university that they met. As it happened, Andri spotted this very interesting looking car in the parking lot one day and thought to himself, no guy would drive that car! A few weeks later, he ran into Selma as she was leaving her car and realized it really wasn’t a guy driving the car and just had to introduce himself. Selma at this point thought he was a bit strange. At the end of that semester, on the last day of school, Andri decided to ask Selma out. But he couldn’t find her anywhere at school that day. So, he “wrote” his phone number on her car (I think it was in need of a wash) and asked her to call him. When Selma got home, both her mom and brother-in-law (the car actually belongs to her brother-in-law) thought she should definitely call him. The rest, as they say, was history.

What a lovely morning I had with them. It was like a regular portrait session on a wedding day, except we had lots of time and it was all so relaxed. They were such adventurers as well, up for anything. And I had the best time getting to know them and just chatting about anything, from the things I love about Iceland to my attempt at telling an Icelandic joke (that I saw at Keflavik airport), to their studies in Scotland (where they currently live), to Icelanders’ love for sweets (me too! it was meant to be), to their love for their beautiful country. They said they just love coming home when they can and driving around the country. I would have to agree with that. I could stare out the window forever.

If you are looking for adventures, or would love to have a wedding or to elope somewhere with stunning landscape and nature, Iceland is the perfect destination. It would be an experience like no other.

Selma & Andri, thank you so much for this adventure together. I adore your spirits. xo

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March 26, 2014
love how you tell their story.. in words and in pictures.
    Janice Yi
    March 26, 2014
    Thanks my dear friend! :)

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