Jessica & Kyle had a beautiful Bellamere Winery wedding on a crisp fall day. Surrounded by their closest friends and family, it was a day full of tears, laughter, joy and a lot of love.

As a photographer, I’m a huge fan of First Looks. Sometimes couples worry about how they would feel at the ceremony if they saw each other before hand. But I feel that no matter what, nothing can take away from the significance of walking down the aisle/seeing your bride walk down the aisle. In this case, Kyle’s reaction seeing Jess come down the aisle is testament to that feeling. As I look back at the photos I took, I can feel their love and their connection come through the images. As well as their love and connection for their friends and family. Life is a journey, and that journey is so much better when you can share it with someone.

Here’s the story of Jess & Kyle’s wedding day.

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Big thanks to Darren of Hatt Photography for helping me set up this last shot and for second shooting!