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Sarah & Sean had a beautiful Alton Mill wedding in Caledon early last month (you can also check out their Woodbine beach engagement session). After a week of rainy and humid weather, the Saturday came and it was just right for an outdoor wedding: a little bit of sun, and a little bit of breeze.

Sarah was beautiful in a lace gown and Sean was dashing in a three-piece suit and bow tie. The lovely Laura and her team from Marvelle Events styled the wedding with rustic yet elegant touches.

Christiane from Ceremonies to Remember crafted a personalized ceremony with Sarah and Sean with tidbits about what it was that originally attracted them to each other, the obstacles that they have since overcome in their relationship, and the future that is to come. They exchanged vows as they exchanged rings. It was also here that I heard one of the most beautiful and moving readings of Pablo Neruda’s Sonnet XVII by a dear friend of theirs. For the icing on the cake, their adorable pooch Duke made a guest appearance during the ceremony.

And that was just the ceremony.

Here is the story of Sarah & Sean’s wedding day.

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Congratulations you two! Wishing you a life time of happiness together.


The Wedding Team:

Ceremony & Reception venue: Alton Mill Arts Centre

Prep location: Millcroft Inn & Spa

Event coordination/Styling/DJ Entertainment: Marvelle Events

Wedding Cinematography: Patrick Hodgson

Officiant: Christiane Bristow | Ceremonies to Remember

Flowers: Parsons Florist

Hair stylist: Michelle Ang

Catering/Cake/Dessert table: Gourmandissimo


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Murray Skinner
September 4, 2013
It was a wonderful wedding on a beautiful day. An extremely memorable event; from the ceremony to the dinner to the reception and celebration; and your photos captured it perfectly.
    September 4, 2013
    Thank you Murray! So glad you enjoyed the photos.

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