There are anywhere from 189 – 196 independent countries in the world (depending on the source), and there are approximately 7.2 billion people on the planet. It’s a pretty big world. But it can also be such a small world.

When I got an email from Johan and Annika who are from Sweden, and read about their plan to travel to Canada to get married, I was quite surprised they found me. The internet is an amazing thing, you never know who will find you on the other end of it. After a few email exchanges, I mentioned I was going to Stockholm in a couple of months, so then we arranged to meet up. It was a coincidence as I had planned to attend a workshop there.

I met Johan and Annika and their adorable son Teddy in a lovely cafe in Old Town Stockholm and chatted about their plans for visiting Canada and to elope. It was all a little surreal for me – they were my first international clients! They were so lovely and I had to marvel at how good their English is compared to my non-existent Swedish (perhaps it’s time to pick up another language…although my excuse is that I already know Chinese and English). Then a few months later, I met my Swedish friends again by the lake and photographed their beautiful ceremony. ¬†Here are some of my favourite photos from their elopement!

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