I spent part of an afternoon last May with Tara and her two adorable kids in the park. Judging by the photos, you’d never guess it was the middle of May already because it was quite chilly that day. Oh the joy of living in Canada ;)

We ran around the park, climbed some trees, and rolled in the grass. A lot. Ok, they did, I didn’t climb anything. But, there was a lot of silliness. I’ve said this before, but I really do love working with children. Their energy, sense of adventure, and wonder are just so contagious. It makes you forget all your worries and just focus on the present. Then you remember, yes, I used to do that too; you remember what it’s like to be fully present in the moment.

candid-family-photography-1 candid-family-photography-2 toronto-family-photography-3 candid-family-photos-5 toronto-family-photography

Right before the below photo was taken, I asked Abbey what was her favourite thing about her Mom, and she said, “everything”. :)

janice-yi-photographycandid-family-photography-11 toronto-family-photographer toronto-family-photographer-candid-family-photography-13

Did I mention, the session was a birthday gift for their Dad?

toronto-family-photographer-candid-family-photography-14 toronto-family-photographer-candid-family-photography-15 family-photography-toronto toronto-family-photographer-candid-family-photography-17 toronto-family-photographer-candid-family-photography-18

Told you, a lot of rolling in the grass :)

toronto-family-photographer-candid-family-photography-19 toronto-family-photographer-candid-family-photography-21toronto-family-photographer-candid-family-photography-22 toronto-family-photographer-candid-family-photography-23 toronto-family-photographer-candid-family-photography-25 children-photographer-toronto toronto-family-photographer-candid-family-photography-27 janice-yi-photography toronto-family-photographer-candid-family-photography-30