Ah San Fran, you lovely city you. I can’t believe it was a year ago that I was there. But, I am going back in a week to photograph a secret wedding and I’m so excited!

Like most people who have been, I loved San Fran. It’s the only city in America I would ever move to. I just loved the vibe of the city. Without getting too political in a blog post, it is here (and in other parts of California) where I feel like the founding principles of America have been realized to the best of their potential: Democracy, Rights, Liberty, Opportunity and Equality. But I digress.

I also met up with the awesome and so lovely Patty Lagera, a fellow photographer who is from New Zealand, who was in town around the same time I was. <3

Here are some favourites from that trip.

001-San-Francisco-travel-photography san fran city hall 003-San-Francisco-travel-photography

Isn’t the San Fran city hall just gorgeous? A beautiful example of the Beaux-Arts style of architecture.

004-San-Francisco-travel-photography san francisco street photography 006-San-Francisco-travel-photography 007-San-Francisco-travel-photography 008-San-Francisco-travel-photography 009-San-Francisco-travel-photography 010-San-Francisco-travel-photography 011-San-Francisco-travel-photography 012-San-Francisco-travel-photography 013-San-Francisco-travel-photography

The cable car rides were so much fun! especially going up and down the hills. Try standing at edge for more thrill :)

014-San-Francisco-travel-photography 015-San-Francisco-travel-photography 016-San-Francisco-travel-photography 017-San-Francisco-travel-photography 018-San-Francisco-travel-photography 019-San-Francisco-travel-photography 020-San-Francisco-travel-photography 021-San-Francisco-travel-photography

Famous San Francisco Chinatown.

022-San-Francisco-travel-photography 023-San-Francisco-travel-photography 024-San-Francisco-travel-photography 025-San-Francisco-travel-photography 026-San-Francisco-travel-photography 027-San-Francisco-travel-photography

As a book lover, any time I visit another place, I always seek out a bookstore or two. In San Fran, it was City Lights.

028-San-Francisco-travel-photography 029-San-Francisco-travel-photography 030-San-Francisco-travel-photography

You can just make out the Golden Gate Bridge from the top of Tower Hill.

031-San-Francisco-travel-photography 032-San-Francisco-travel-photography 033-San-Francisco-travel-photography 034-San-Francisco-travel-photography 035-San-Francisco-travel-photography

Watching the sun set over the Golden Gate bridge from Chrissy Field.

san francisco travel photography golden gate bridge 037-San-Francisco-travel-photography 038-San-Francisco-travel-photography 039-San-Francisco-travel-photography 040-San-Francisco-travel-photography 041-San-Francisco-travel-photography

Saturday market at the Ferry terminal was awesome! So much awesome food.

042-San-Francisco-travel-photography 043-San-Francisco-travel-photography 044-San-Francisco-travel-photography

Up close and personal with that famous bridge!

045-San-Francisco-travel-photography 046-San-Francisco-travel-photography 047-San-Francisco-travel-photography

Didn’t get to walk across the Golden Gate Bridge this time, but did drive across it :)

048-San-Francisco-travel-photography 049-San-Francisco-travel-photography 050-San-Francisco-travel-photography 051-San-Francisco-travel-photography 052-San-Francisco-travel-photography 053-San-Francisco-travel-photography

Alcatraz! aka. The Rock. We did the night tour, which was awesome, but a bit creepy, but still awesome.

The best part was probably the locking of the cells demonstration.

054-San-Francisco-travel-photography 055-San-Francisco-travel-photography 056-San-Francisco-travel-photography 057-San-Francisco-travel-photography 058-San-Francisco-travel-photography 059-San-Francisco-travel-photography 060-San-Francisco-travel-photography 061-San-Francisco-travel-photography 062-San-Francisco-travel-photography 063-San-Francisco-travel-photography 064-San-Francisco-travel-photography 065-San-Francisco-travel-photography 066-San-Francisco-travel-photography 067-San-Francisco-travel-photography 068-San-Francisco-travel-photography

Sutro Bath is such a unique place. It’s hard to imagine that less than 100 years ago, how magnificent this bath by the sea would have looked.


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June 18, 2015
i LOVE this city too!! love the collection, janice! and if you move there, i will seriously considering moving to the westcoast (again)! dream city! cant wait for your secret wedding post!!
    Janice Yi
    June 18, 2015
    Thanks Jenn! haha San Fran is not as rainy as Vancouver at least ;)

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