Romantic NYC Engagement Session | Central Park & Brooklyn Bridge

A couple of weeks ago I had the opportunity to photograph a New York City engagement session with Sherry & Yuan! It was a lot of fun despite the heat wave that had besieged the city.

I have a problem, which I guess as a photographer, it comes with the territory. Whenever there is a location or landscape that I really like, I really want to photograph people in them. In fact, whenever I travel and photograph landscape for too long, I long to photograph people again.

New York is definitely one of those locations for me!

The two locations in New York that I like the most are Central Park and the area around Brooklyn Bridge. I guess they are both just so iconic. Sherry and Yuan love to travel and try new things and New York is one of the places that they really like and where Yuan currently works. We started the day early in Central Park by the lovely Bethesda Fountain, then took a break during the hottest part of the day and finished on the Brooklyn Bridge at sunset.

Here are my favourites from Sherry & Yuan’s New York City engagement session!

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