Last month I had the opportunity to help¬†photograph this beautiful McLean House wedding at the Estates of Sunnybrook. Elly and her good friend Simin are the lovely ladies behind ES Design, who was the planning team for this wedding. I also photographed Elly’s beautiful wedding at The Lake House in the summer so when she contacted me again to help shoot this wedding and get some working shots of them, I had to say yes. The elegant details that they put together complemented the venue perfectly!

I’ve photographed a few weddings at the Vaughn estate at Sunnybrook before but this was my first time photographing at McLean House. If you like the look of Vaughn estate or are looking for something similar to Graydon Hall but for a smaller wedding, McLean House is perfect for a more intimate event. The house is gorgeous and full of beautiful touches. The backyard where the ceremony can be held is lovely with the house in the background.

Thanks Elly & Simin for having me again! It was so fun working with you and I hope we’ll do it again soon!

001-mclean-house-wedding-photography 002-mclean-house-wedding-photography 003-mclean-house-wedding-photography 004-mclean-house-wedding-photography McLean House wedding Estates of Sunnybrook mclean house wedding photos mclean house estates of sunnybrook 008-mclean-house-wedding-photography 009-mclean-house-wedding-photography 010-mclean-house-wedding-photography 011-mclean-house-wedding-photography estates of sunnybrook mclean house wedding 013-mclean-house-wedding-photography 014-mclean-house-wedding-photography 015-mclean-house-wedding-photography 016-mclean-house-wedding-photography 017-mclean-house-wedding-photography 018-mclean-house-wedding-photography 019-mclean-house-wedding-photography 020-mclean-house-wedding-photography 021-mclean-house-wedding-photography 022-mclean-house-wedding-photography 023-mclean-house-wedding-photography 024-mclean-house-wedding-photography 025-mclean-house-wedding-photography 026-mclean-house-wedding-photography mclean house wedding pictures 028-mclean-house-wedding-photography 029-mclean-house-wedding-photography McLean House wedding reception 031-mclean-house-wedding-photography 032-mclean-house-wedding-photography McLean House wedding ceremony 034-mclean-house-wedding-photography 035-mclean-house-wedding-photography 036-mclean-house-wedding-photography 037-mclean-house-wedding-photography 038-mclean-house-wedding-photography 039-mclean-house-wedding-photography 040-mclean-house-wedding-photography 041-mclean-house-wedding-photography 042-mclean-house-wedding-photography 043-mclean-house-wedding-photography 044-mclean-house-wedding-photography 045-mclean-house-wedding-photography 046-mclean-house-wedding-photography 047-mclean-house-wedding-photography 048-mclean-house-wedding-photography