A personal photo story of New York – my heart goes out to all those who are still recovering or have lost loved ones from Hurricane Sandy.

In March I went for a short visit with one of my closest friends Jess. The first time I visited New York was in 2007. At the time, I wasn’t too impressed. It felt like just another big North American city. I thought it was probably because we only had time to visit the top touristy must-sees. 5 years later, second time around, I feel I was able to appreciate it more: the skyline, the hustle and bustle (I noticed that New Yorkers are very fast walkers, which suits me fine!), the architecture, the food. It has such a distinct vibe of its own. It’s very modern, but so full of nostalgia at almost every corner.

We had a pretty tight schedule of things we wanted to do and places to go to, though we didn’t get to do it all, it was still a great trip. Highlights include Highline park at sunset (such a genius idea to convert an abandoned stretch of above ground rail tracks into a park), the various food stops but especially ramen at Ippudo noodle bar and Belgium waffles from a food truck, high tea at the Plaza (that was different and fun – thanks Jess!), and the New York City Public Library (where else would a book lover go?).

Oh New York, you stole my heart a little bit, and I wasn’t expecting it.

the magnolia bakery in new york

APC store in Soho. Can you spot us? :)

I can’t even begin to describe the amazingness that is Grimaldi’s pizza…

walking across the brooklyn bridge at sunsetstatue of liberty as seen from the brooklyn bridge near sunsetamazing belgium waffle truck at columbus square in new york

yesss! waffle truck has been located. 

I don’t even have a photo of this waffle. That’s how fast I ate it…

bare tree branches in central park not quite Spring yet

these bare tree branches in Central Park were kind of awesome.

the grand lobby in the new york city public librarygreat quote on an interior facade in the new york city public library

reading room in the new york city library
Sunlight streaming through the windows

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November 7, 2012
Beautiful Photos Janice. It made me want to see more. You should definitely consider sending a photo or two to a travel magazine.

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