For years, I’ve heard of this place called the Cheltenham Badlands and wondered what it was all about. Finally I drove out to Caledon with M one sunny day and paid a visit. Turns out, the Badlands aren’t “bad” at all, it’s just a geological term for an area of soft rock without vegetation and soil cover and moulded into rolling hills and gullies. I guess if you are a farmer, this is not good news. But if you are looking for an interesting location as a backdrop for photos, whether it’s your engagement or your wedding portraits, the Badlands can be good. Alright, I will stop with the cheesy puns. :) In all seriousness, if you are looking for an alternative to parks and fields, the unique rolling red hills (albeit small) can be an excellent choice.

See some photos below, decide for yourself! :)

unique engagement photo location cheltenham badlandsunique engagement photo location cheltenham badlands