I wrote a short blog post in 2011 about First Look’s and what they are. Honestly I think whoever first thought of doing this was onto something. I thought I’d do a second post on it, after our own wedding 7 months ago.

What is a First Look again? Sometimes it’s also called The Reveal. Basically it’s an opportunity for the bride and groom to see each other before the ceremony and experience those first moments together. So, M and I opted for a First Look for our own wedding, and that was probably one of our favourite moments from the day. Thinking about it now, I’m actually surprised that he agreed to it, because he can be quite traditional at times. Seeing each other for the first time ahead of the ceremony, and sharing our excitement with each other was one of the only moments of the day we were able to spend together alone. (Even though our wedding was very small) When we saw each other, it was as if we were somewhere else and we were isolated from the things and the planning that sometimes had distracted us from the real meaning of the day: to commit to each other. It also helped calm down some of the butterflies before the ceremony :) Since we got the nervousness and anxiety out of the way, we were able to just focus on each other during the ceremony. And, the First Look made my walk down the aisle just as emotional and special, if not more. I still teared up as my Mom walked me down and I looked around at not just my husband-to-be, but our family and friends, and M had a huge grin on his face, waiting at the end. He was so happy, and so was I.

There really aren’t any rules when it comes to weddings I think, you don’t have to hide from each other until the ceremony, you don’t have to wear or throw a garter, you don’t have to throw your bouquet etc. I think you just have to do whatever makes you happy and what makes sense to you as a couple.

Well, here are some photos from our First Look, so see for yourself :)




All images above are from the lovely Chloé of Caught the Light photography. Below are some First Look photos from the past year that make me smile, taken by yours truly. first-look-vs-walking-down-the-ailse-janice-yi-photography-1.jpgfirst-look-vs-walking-down-the-ailse-janice-yi-photography-2.jpgfirst-look-vs-walking-down-the-ailse-janice-yi-photography-3.jpgfirst-look-vs-walking-down-the-ailse-janice-yi-photography-4.jpg


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January 23, 2013
Beautiful photos! And I love what you said about traditions, it's so true. The most memorable parts of weddings are the things that are different and special to the couple.
January 25, 2013
Oh my Janice, you're fantastic! These are such lovely captures and you are just excelling with your work. I love them all. Also, yours was one of my favourite first looks... your Michael is absolutely enamoured with you. x
January 25, 2013
I love this idea and I love this post! You two look so great in your shots. And the pictures you took capture the moment so well, as usual :)
January 25, 2013
Thank you my lovely ladies! :)
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